Yahoo Is Making A Return: What This Means For You And Your Business


Yahoo Search wants to make a comeback, and it seems like the company has been dropping hints about this return over the past few weeks. In addition, Yahoo is also hiring a Principal Product Manager for the Yahoo Search platform to help lead these initiatives.

This news comes as a surprise to many, as Yahoo has been struggling to compete against the likes of Google and Bing in recent years. In fact, Yahoo Search has been in decline since 2010, when Microsoft first partnered with the company in an effort to improve its search engine.

Since then, Yahoo Search has been powered by Microsoft’s Bing, and the two companies have been working together to improve the product. However, it seems like Yahoo is now ready to take back control of its search engine and make a return to the search market.

It’s still unclear what exactly this return will look like, but it’s likely that Yahoo will be making some major changes to its search platform. This could include a new design, better search algorithms, and improved features.

only time will tell if Yahoo’s return to search will be successful. However, it’s certainly an interesting development, and it will be interesting to see how Yahoo Search evolves in the coming months and years.